Great Amenities & Activities at JGP

The City of Hart’s John Gurney Park has a new website to help you plan your camping adventure in Oceana County along the shores of Hart Lake.  You will be delighted with our list of activities and amenities within the park – from lake activities, to our baseball diamonds to our shuffleboard cort, our great reading corner; just too name a few. AND, we are just 15 minutes from the Lake Michigan Shores and the Sand Dunes in the Silver Lake Area.  Hart itself has a lot to offer including a historical center, an out door community pavillion, a Veterans Memorial Park and more. Oh, did I forget to add an Ice Cream Shop with a view of Hart Lake?

Read more about all the great activities we have to offer within the park on our Amenities Page

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Photography by our Web Designer, Sheree Lincoln at BrassWind Designs.

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  1. This was a wonderful place to stay before they remodeled. I can’t wait to see it now. The new pictures are spectacular.

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